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6 Steps to Achieve Your BIG Goals This Year!

Every New Year there are thousands, if not millions, of resolutions made around the world, but by February almost all of these goals are long forgotten or failed. Sadly, the search for a new career or your first job can't be forgotten after the first month of the year! To achieve the massive goal of finding a job or internship, they have to be planned and worked on every day. Being able to set realistic and attainable goals is extremely important in order to succeed, especially in the job searching. In the remainder of this article are six steps that you can follow to see success in your career search!


Step 1: Think of the end game

It is crucial to think hard about what you want to accomplish with your life before starting the job search process. These goals should result in a career that will genuinely make you happy and make you excited to go to work every day. Taking time to figure out what you want to be in your job search is essential and the first step. After you figure out your purpose, begin to brainstorm how you want to accomplish your career goals. Finally, you need to make sure your goals are realistic.

For example, you can make a vision board help figure and envision what you hope to achieve. An example of a realistic long term goal would also be to have a full-time job by graduation, and a short term goal, that can help lead to your long term goal, is to improve your LinkedIn. Another example of a plan would be to determine what career field you hope to work in or find a mentor to help you in your career searching endeavors

Step 2: Set up short term and long term goals

The next step in this mission is to set short-term goals to help you achieve your long term goals. Short term goals are goals that can be completed in the near future. The near future can mean in a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Short term goals should be mini-goals that will ultimately help lead to bigger goals. An example of a short term that can be made for your job searching is to have your resume finished and a set number of jobs to apply to by a specific date. Long term goals are bigger goals that take a longer time to achieve and require planning. Short term goals are essential because, again, they help pave the way to your long term goal. They help set milestones that will help to achieve long term success.

Step 3: Now it's time to grab a pen and some paper

The third step in this process is to write out each step of your job search plan. A good motto to live by is seeing is believing. Writing out each step of your plan will help you fully visualize what it will take to achieve your goals. It has been proved that if you write down your goals and dream on a regular basis you become 42% more likely to achieve them (Morrissey, 2017). At the end of this post, there is a downloadable resource guide that will help with guide you in making a full plan!

Step 4: Find an accountability partner

Finding someone who can help keep you accountable for reaching your goals is something that is extremely important. This step is one that you should give great thought. Making sure you choose the right partner is key because you want to make sure they will keep you accountable. Use this accountability partner to make sure that you are sticking to your goals, such as completing your resume/cover letter, apply for jobs, making LinkedIn connections, along with anything else. Your accountability partner could be your parent, roommate, sibling, or mentor!

Step 5: After each step, reassess the end game and analyze each step to align

This step should be considered just as important as every other step in this process. No matter who you are and what you do, some roadblocks can still happen! Taking a step back to reassess your end game and goals is extremely important to make sure all your hard work is leading to something that you’ll be proud of. Understanding that every one of your steps might not go as planned is natural in any mission, but going back to realign your goals to make sure they are achievable will help you reach them in a faster manner.

Step 6: Celebrate accomplishing your goals

Setting and achieving your goals is a unique and proud feeling, and you have every right to be thrilled. Being able to say “I recently got hired” or “My new company” is such an empowering moment that demonstrates both hard work and excellence. Making sure to celebrate these accomplishments is also extremely important! Being able to celebrate achievements can be done in many different ways as well! Receiving a job offer can set you down a path for so many memories and accomplishments, so make sure to pop the champagne and take a moment to be proud.


Here is your new goal setting guide! Download and fill out this form so that you can fully achieve your goals!!!

Goal Setting Guide
Download PDF • 67KB

Morrissey, Mary. “The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams.” HuffPost, HuffPost, 7 Dec. 2017,

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